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Nixon and Watergate
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Here's a good lecture about some of the alternate theories on Watergate:
The Mysteries of Watergate

The Collapse of the Internal Balance of Power – Carl Oglesby (1973) Subject Index Files/H Disk/Hughes Howard/Item 002.pdf

Howard Hughes’ Link to Watergate – Carl Oglesby (1974) Subject Index Files/H Disk/Hughes Howard Carl Oglesby Articles/Item 01.pdf

There are a lot of good deleted scenes from Oliver Stone's JFK on the 2-disc set, but unfortunately they're not on Youtube. They do have this deleted scene from Nixon, with Richard Helms played by Sam Waterston.

Nixon (1995) HQ "Do you ever think of death, Dick?"

Richard Raznikov's revisionism about Watergate:

I should point out that the following was a conspiracy kept secret from the public for over 40 years. We frequently hear the argument that secrets can't be kept in Washington.

By the time of the election in November 1968, LBJ had evidence Nixon had sabotaged the Vietnam war peace talks - or, as he put it, that Nixon was guilty of treason and had "blood on his hands".

The BBC's former Washington correspondent Charles Wheeler learned of this in 1994 and conducted a series of interviews with key Johnson staff, such as defence secretary Clark Clifford, and national security adviser Walt Rostow.
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