Author Topic: Essential: The Yankee and Cowboy War by Carl Oglesby  (Read 7155 times)


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Essential: The Yankee and Cowboy War by Carl Oglesby
« on: July 13, 2013, 10:46:05 AM »

Carl Oglesby's 1976 book was one of the first to see a larger pattern in everything going wrong in modern US politics. Essentially, the Northern and Southern elites, having come to some sort of an agreement between 1865 and the 1950s, had a falling out and have been at war with each other ever since. Keep in mind this was written in 1976:

"This book proposes to show that Dallas and Watergate are intrinsically linked conspiracies in a hidden drama of coup and countercoup which represent the life of an inner oligarchic power sphere, an 'invisible government,' capable of any act in the pursuit of its objectives, that sets itself above the law and beyond the moral rule: a clandestine American state, perhaps an embryonic police state.

We see the expressions and symptoms of clandestine America in a dozen places now - the FBI's COINTELPRO scheme, the CIA's Operation Chaos, the Pentagon's Operation Garden Plot, the large-scale and generally successful attempts to destroy legitimate and essential dissent in which all the intelligence agencies participated, a campaign whose full scope and fury are still not revealed. We see it in the ruthlessness and indifference to world, as well as national, opinion with which the CIA contracted its skills out to ITT to destroy democracy's last little chance in Chile."

Apparently this contains all but the last chapter:


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Re: Essential: The Yankee and Cowboy War by Carl Oglesby
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Thanks Alan for something new to read that has escaped my radar. While I won`t pretend to know what this is exactly about, I can kind of guess the substance due to your lead in for this link on the Deep Politics Forum. Many thanks ahead of time for those responsible including you, Alan. DPF, Carl Oglesby and Ed Encho, if like you said he was responsible for typing this for people to read.