Author Topic: Essential: Presumed Guilty by Howard Roffman  (Read 5994 times)


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Essential: Presumed Guilty by Howard Roffman
« on: July 13, 2013, 10:35:45 AM »
This 1975 book convinced me that Oswald didn't shoot JFK. The complete text is online here:

Only in his early twenties when he published it, Roffman first became interested in the assassination as a teenager, reading all 26 volumes of the WC and doing much research in the National Archives. Like Harold Weisberg, he is a cautious, careful  researcher who is more interested in facts than conspiracy speculation. Presumed Guilty focuses entirely on examining the the WC's case against Oswald, and he does a meticulous job demonstrating that the government had no case.  He said that the relationship of the WC staff to the Commissioners is crucial, "for it was the staff that handled virtually all of the work and digested the information that filtered up to the Commission members."