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Believe, as in "Believe in Magic"?
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Thank you Alan Ewald for citing and Alan Dale for linking the excellent address by Vincent Salandria.  An epic indictment of CIA as sword and shield for the cabal responsible; a j'accuse for all its willing handmaidens.

As Mr. Salandria suspected Roosevelt let Pearl Harbor happen, giving us a view to Salandria's larger sense of historical conspiracy, I recommend Kevin Ryan, Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects, a catalogue of scoundrels with blood on their hands--the business model of Lyman Lemnitzer's Operation Northwoods.

As Salandria insists, Douglass is superb in providing overarching context, the treacherous miasma of Gibson's Battling Wall Street, and Colby & Dennett's Thy Will Be Done.  The president was an obstacle.  See also Executive Action and Seven Days in May.  Arthur Krock and Richard Starnes knew better than the cheap cover proferred by the state.

Dulles & Dulles had learned under Wilson, been introduced into the Versailles preparation expanded upon by Guido Giacomo Preparata, Conjuring Hitler, 2005, in which director of Bank of England 1922-1944 Montagu Norman takes long walks in the woods with Hjalmar Schact head of Deutsche Bank.

Germany is built up to a nationalist eruption entangling the Bear until the Eagle lands and the Cold War can commence.  By chance?  Not a chance.  And Dulles, who met Goebbels and found his enthusiasm admirable,  helped via Sullivan & Cromwell.

Now we have the next version of Perpetual War, The War on Terror.  Kissinger advised Iran would be a future ally last March and a year later sanctions are lifted and business resumes.

As we learn from John Newman in Oswald and the CIA, 1995/2008, and reiterated in Salandria False Mystery, Oswald was an intelligence agent, and the only agency capable of the manipulation of his file and the impersonations in Mexico City was CIA.  Which is not to say CIA killed Kennedy either per se or via "rogues".  When we see "rogues" or "Mafia" we see the snake shedding a skin to survive for another day.

I now have Gladio: NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe by Richard Cottrell, to augment the light shed by Sibel Edmonds who stipulates Gladio was born in the mind of Allen Dulles.

As the danse macabre in Dallas was The Castle telling citizens they are powerless, the periodic act of terror is required to keep them off balance.

Regarding McGeorge Bundy named by Salandria as the agent of the cabal in the situation room, researcher Greg Burnham did a 2010 COPA presentation on that Bundy as author of NSAM 273 never seen by Kennedy though attributed to him and signed by LBJ the Tuesday after the Monday funeral.  Tonkin Gulf false flag casus belli to follow (see also Pearl Harbor, 9/11).

Bundy's brother was married to Dean Acheson's daughter; Acheson named by Donald Gibson as one of a handful who handed down the Commission concept sometimes falsely attributed to Katzenbach (Katzenbach was a tool).  Acheson omitted Korea from US security perimeter in 1950 resulting in Kim Il Sung and Mao Tse Tung's attack.  Perpetual war.

As befits a looking glass war, JFK's partner in clandestine peace negotiations Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was replaced by hawk Leonid Brezhnev October 1964.

An interesting parallel to Salandria's instant certainty of government assassination is the November 23, 1963, speech by Fidel Castro who smelled what the CIA was cooking:

Concerning the Facts and Consequences
of the Tragic Death of
President John F. Kennedy
November 23rd, 1963

by Fidel Castro

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Re: What Do You Believe?
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^ Thank you, Phil.
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