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JFK Lancer: Conversations, Dr. John M. Newman
« on: April 23, 2015, 11:47:45 PM »

Alan Dale speaks with Dr. John Newman, former Army Intelligence officer, expert in Far Eastern studies, a scholar of Christian Theology and comparative religions, historian and educator, an author whose research has led to revelations about America's hidden histories. He is the author of 1992's JFK and Vietnam, 1995's Oswald and the CIA, which was updated for the 2008 edition, and 2011's Quest For The Kingdom: The Secret Teachings of Jesus in the Light of Yogic Mysticism. Dr. Newman's latest work is The Assassination of President Kennedy, Volume 1: Where Angels Tread Lightly.

The Assassination of President Kennedy, Vol 1

Where Angels Tread Lightly by John M. Newman was published today.

It is immediately available here:

It will also be available sometime next week on Amazon.

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