Author Topic: Enemy of the Truth: Chapter 2. Ear Witnesses  (Read 6099 times)

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Enemy of the Truth: Chapter 2. Ear Witnesses
« on: July 10, 2013, 07:11:01 PM »
The vast majority of those of us interested in President Kennedy's assassination have never visited Dealey Plaza. Our visualization of the area is primarily based upon photos and diagrams. Our perception of the actual event is indelibly etched in our psyches as a succession of flat 8mm frames courtesy of Abraham Zapruder's silent film. As such, our ability to conceptualize the physical area of the shooting as a multiple dimensional arena is very limited. When we read that certain witnesses believed a particular shot (or, something that sounded like a shot) seemed to have come from a particular area, such as the grassy knoll, by what means may we properly assess the plausibility or importance of such testimony?

Mitz has recommended that we conduct our modest little study group through dedicated threads, one chapter at a time, so that each member who chooses to participate may do so at their own pace.

I agree.

For all who have and are reading Ms. Fiester's essential book, Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination, the subject of this discussion is Chapter 2. Ear Witnesses.

For any and all who do not yet have your own copy:
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