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Wecht Conference Presentation
« on: October 21, 2013, 02:05:25 AM »
Hi everyone,
I thought I would take just a moment to let you know how my presentation went at the Wecht conference held this weekend in Pittsburgh.

I was of course honored to have an opportunity to speak at a conference with such prestigious researchers and found the camaraderie and atmosphere as warm and exciting as anticipated. I was scheduled as a concurrent speaker scheduled late Saturday morning in a breakout room against Walt Brown, I wondered if I would have many in attendance since he speaks so seldom, and was pleasantly surprised to have a very good turnout. The presentation was designed for this specific audience, so it did have some new information, but the techniques for the trajectory analysis and the subsequent results were as the first time I presented this information in 2003. It seems strange to think I have been speaking about the shooter's location on the south end of the triple overpass for ten years, but I have.

Several of the other speakers were in the audience, which also included university forensic students, a few physicians, police officers, and of course conference attendees.

There were a few questions, but most attendees readily understood the trajectory techniques and how they applied to the assassination. A few had questions concerning the discovery of the Harper fragment and its relationship to Kennedy with a front shot. I had to elaborate some on that point and stress the location on bone fragments can not be used to determine directionality of bullets in shootings. The direction they are projected is dependent entirely on the random tearing of the scalp.

The concept of forward spatter (from exit wounds) traveling in every conceivable direction was confusing to at least one person, and that had to be expounded upon. The moderator finally had to stop the comments and questions so we could move to the lunch period. I left encouraged, and very excited to know more persons had been exposed to this essential element of the investigation. I was also happy to be one of the few persons who had real expertise and training in the area in which they presented, which I believe adds credibility.

One person made a statement I wanted to share. During the Q & A, John Costella (he is the person who de-blurred and stabilized the Zapruder film) stood and stated he hoped everyone in attendance was aware of the significance of the information I had presented. It was a generous act on his behalf since my book is clear we disagree on some things; however, his response is a good example of how we as a research community can disagree in a friendly manner on some issues but still be supportive when it is appropriate. I certainly appreciated his statement and asked the audience to join me in thanking him for his work on the Zapruder film. 

Which is a nice segue to extending my heartfelt thanks d to all who had me in their thoughts this past weekend. Your support is always appreciated.

Hope to see you in Dallas,

Mitch C.

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Re: Wecht Conference Presentation
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 05:21:38 PM »
Glad to hear things went well overall in Pittsburgh, Sherry. You mentioned "It's seems strange that" you have actually been sharing your professional findings on this subject for about a decade. If I can be allowed to interpret your statement, I am thinking despite all that time it seems to only recently been "getting traction". I am sure much of that is your book, and those of us who recommend it. However, much of it might be that much of the assassination community are vested in another belief; for example the familiar Grassy Knoll shooter.
Old, cherished beliefs die very, very hard. However "the times, they are a changing"; thanks in no small part to your professional analysis.

Good luck in Dallas!


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Re: Wecht Conference Presentation
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 06:03:56 PM »

Glad to hear it went well for you and I am sure the conference as a whole was something very special.

On the Harper fragment... I have always believed, based on timing this was a planted piece of evidenced in Dealey Plaza. With all the people that were in Dealey Plaza the following 26 and 1/2 hours after the assassination, nobody saw this? Also, it would be next to impossible for this to be from JFK because Jeroll Custer was using a fragment (supposedly brought from Dallas) to Bethesda to recreate X rays with "taped bullet fragments" during the morning hours of the same day (Saturday 26th) which Harper found (this) fragment in the afternoon.

I am sorry, in minds eye the Harper fragment is a lot of baloney. It has the same "smell" which most of the evidence we have been "told" was... Something wrong in the long run.

Phil Dragoo

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Re: Wecht Conference Presentation
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2013, 07:00:33 PM »

Delighted to hear you were a presenter and so well-received.

Your explanation of the Harper Fragment's location dependent upon scalp tearing works especially well looking at McClelland's drawing

Which ever edge of the scalp released last would send the fragment in that direction

much like a baseball pitcher's fingers applying the particular spin desired

The fact of its not-so-mysterious "loss" while in the sole custody and control of the FBI denotes its significance

A very fine act by John Costella--of the acts which mark special character and special occasion

Your decade speaking professionally has surfaced above the noise

to become an important focus of a general hypothesis based on protocol

to replace the a priori mythology required by the military-strategic zeitgeist of the day

an accomplishment in contemporary history no less revolutionary than the heresy of Copernicus and Galileo

Jim H.

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Re: Wecht Conference Presentation
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2013, 09:22:00 AM »
I am pleased the conference went well.

But I had to drop a big thank you for your excellent book!!!

It stands with Mr. Douglass' JFK and the U. on my bookshelf.

As well as best wishes for Dallas and all that you do.

Voice rising above wail of the banshees indeed.



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Re: Wecht Conference Presentation
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2013, 04:05:39 PM »
Welcome to the forum, Jim!

Thank you for your participation.