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Mitch C.

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10 Facts You Don't Know About the JFK Assassination (Warning, you have to have a strong stomach to read this bilge):

and under "responses" here's mine:

Mitchell C
Forensic science proves more than one shooter. Sherry Feister, unemotionally, methodically explains this in "Enemy of the Truth", using:
The mechanics of head wound ballistics
Utilization of high-speed photography
Fracture sequencing studies of human skulls
Beveling in relation to projectile directionality
Blood spatter pattern analysis
Target movement in gunshot injuries
Trajectory analysis for the fatal head shot.

Ms Feister does not delve into the who or the why. She has no agenda other than using the tools of her trade to help solve a murder, as she has done many times in her profession. She also calls out a few myths of her own. However, unlike the article above, she actually uses facts and research, not simple proclamations. For you conspiracy buffs, beware: be willing to follow the facts where ever they go. Forensics proves the kill shot did NOT come from the infamous Grassy Knoll. Very significant: Nobody in Feister's profession has contradicted her findings. I highly recommend the book.

Alan Dale

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^ Excellent, Mitch.

Well stated.
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Jay Busbee and Brad Meltzer, you are either fools or paid shills.

What in the world D.H. Byrd removing the TSBD window has to do with anything is beyond me.

"The U.S. government erred in keeping its investigation secret. In 1964, the Warren Commission held the investigation into the assassination behind closed doors. As later review of the proceedings has shown, the absence of publicly released information allowed speculation to spread in many dark (and often incorrect) directions."

"The government is not keeping very many JFK secrets, and won

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Who will buy their old wine in a series of new bottles
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Gil Jesus, George Michael Evica, John Armstrong and others demonstrated Lee never owned the alleged weapon.

No one could place Lee in the window with the weapon--that's DPD's own Curry.

Sherry Fiester, Enemy of the Truth, proves using current forensic protocol the lethal shot was fired from the front, not from any location behind.

Lee was negative for GSR on his cheek per the DPD and the AEC confirmation (Breach of Trust, Gerald McKnight).

Vickie Adams and Sandra Styles were on those Depository stairs and Lee was not--because he wasn't upstairs. (Barry Earnest, The Girl on the Stairs.)

The old wine of the Warren (Dulles) Commission in new bottles still won't sell.
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