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"Back and to the left"
« on: October 06, 2013, 04:42:31 AM »
Thanks Phil and Karl. I am a great fan of Sherry`s work. She has hit the nail on the head in my opinion. Enemy of the Truth explains it all. What I was wanting to know was how the head reacted to the shot. Sherry spent a lot of time with me trying to explain it all and I`m not an easy person to understand such complicated information. Please get her book and give it a chance!

I thought I would start this thread to focus on the president's all too familiar reaction to the fatal headshot for Kelly and others who would like to understand it clearer.  Some info regarding this subject could relate to more than one chapter so I thought this dedicated thread could be effective, including a video to enhance your comprehension through visualization.

I want to emphasize to you all how deeply moved I was when I viewed the Zapruder film for the first time with a new perspective gained through my enlightenment from reading "Enemy Of The Truth." That time, and every time I see those frames since, I truly feel as if I can see the bullet whiz right past Mrs. Kennedy's head and send the president in the expected direction.  Really, I remember the feeling in my stomach and how evident it was that after understanding and accepting Sherry's work, to actually see it for what seemed like the first time ever, this was a defining moment in my decades of interest in the case.

A few things to lay a little ground work here:

1.  In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy which it possesses due to its motion. If the moving object strikes another at rest (or at times in motion also) it can transfer this energy to it, causing the other object to go into motion (or change direction). Examples would be a car jumping the curb and hitting a garbage can, sending it flying or a cue ball set in motion, hopefully with enough precision to sink the "5 ball" in the desired pocket. The latter requires the manipulation of the geometry involved so as to transfer the energy at the required angle so the "5 ball" takes the right direction toward the pocket.

2. We know that the fatal headshot was non-jacketed round because it fragmented. A metal jacketed round has the probability of it going right through a skull, therefore, since the skull provides little resistance to this, the transfer of kinetic energy is minimized. On the other hand, the non-jacketed round fragments, slows down and tranfers much of its kinetic energy.

3. We have to remember that since the president was facing toward the sniper and the "back spatter" trajectory cone reinforces that, then it can only be fairly accurately estimated where the entrance wound was because of the extensive damage but we know with certainty that it was within the upper right, front quadrant of the skull. I believe it was probably in the forehead above the right eye in the area adjacent to the temple. This is important to understand due to the geometry involved as mentioned in #1.

OK, as for the video, the link is below and I'm not sure if they'll pull it down (they threatened) for copyright infringement because Alan insisted upon the audio track I used!!!  ;D If that happens I'll have to replace the audio ...... maybe with one of Alan's drum solos .......... uh, no ..............
Just imagine that you are watching that fellow in the vid from the limo and he is on the south knoll. Remember my reflection upon the Z film, can you see the bullet?

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Re: "Back and to the left"
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Yes, good work, Karl.

I just cannot believe that you left out the sax melody.  I was aching to hear it kick in, but it never did.  I had to go into the next room to listen to it in full!


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Re: "Back and to the left"
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Thank you, echelon!

That's cool that it also inspired you partake in some Dave Brubeck! You can hear the sax faintly on the intro as I only chopped and looped pieces of the song for some background. Sherry wanted me to use a voice over instead of the text in the beginning so if we get back to expanding it I'll have to commandeer Alan for that, right? He's obviously shown his prowess in the JFK Lancer Conversations. 8)


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Re: "Back and to the left"
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Hi Karl and thank you for the description. I understand it clearly now and it`s not really hard to understand when explained right. I went to watch the video and it says I had to download a player. When I went to click on run, all of that was covered up. Perhaps you can help me with it, but in the meantime I will go directly to YouTube and try there. Thanks again!


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Re: "Back and to the left"
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I got to see it on my I-Pad just now and I'm amazed. It really comes together now, so much clearer. I can't get over that. Great job Karl. :D


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Re: "Back and to the left"
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  :o Astonishing to say the least and just think how it finally took some concrete evidence to correct how we were interpreting something we've been looking at since 1975.

Glad you see it more clearly now, Kelly!  :) Don't you think the more corroborration we see as we analyze "Enemy Of The Truth" causes us to change our perspective regarding other aspects of the case? My main hope & concern is for the arrival of the day that the history books are rewritten and, thus, the narrative changes to the point where, at least, lone nutters are eliminated from the discussion. I'm sure they have now been debunked but we have to realize that change takes time and, ideally, some day soon all who should be left are CTs and converted LNs refocusing on joint efforts to solve the "whodunnit."

Phil Dragoo

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Cue ball, Cubela, I can't hear you, Stella
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Allen Dulles forced out by that little Kennedy November 1961 sits down with 42-novels Hunt, in a Hunt for the Red November

Helms tasks Harvey whose Cubela (AM/LASH-JM/WAVE) requests of Harvey and Nestor Sanchez scoped and silenced FAL as early as October 1963

Allegedly given same February 11, 1965

The FAL was used by 90 armies for decades from 1953 to its present incarnation built in USA

Mitch WerBell was developing suppressors for military and covert intelligence use; their capabilities were likely a decade or more beyond public knowledge

A current owner of an FN FAL in Argentina reports 600m shots reliable, while maintaining weapon at 150yd zero

A capable marksman with such a weapon positioned say in the trunk of a car backed up to the South Knoll near the balustrade

would have a 111yd/102m shot at an approaching target slowed from 11mph to near zero before Greer accelerated away

Two links below, one to show a current source (and remember, Harvey was active then , founded SIONICS, the last word in suppressors):

Note that the device is for 7.62 ala FN FAL the weapon type Cubela requested; further the caution against supersonic loads

A demonstration of a 308 subsonic with YHM silencer, 308 as in 7.62 x 51 mm/ .308 Win. caliber--two shots are fired--what do you hear

--bear in mind: subsonic load, not the crack of the 2,700fpm full load--

While the world hears firecrackers and sees and smells smoke from the circus fence, the professional mechanic fires into the throat and temple

the sound being less than a soft drink can opening

As the crowd runs up the Grassy Knoll

a '61 Chevy rolls out of the South Knoll lot

With the patsy as the prize under the shell the sidewalk sucker points to

We were fooled by professionals--it's what they do

Sherry has done with the JFK shot what Thomas Noguchi did with the RFK shot

Demonstrated trajectory, trajectory, trajectory

Mitch C.

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Re: "Back and to the left"
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Wow!! The pool table example really "brings it home". Of course from the shooters perspective, it would have been "back and to the RIGHT".

The South Knoll shot also answers the nagging question that I always had with my belief that the kill shot came from the Grassy Knoll. From that angle, why wasn't there more damage to JFK's left portion of the skull? That question is answered. Because it did not come from there.

As Phil so beautifully expresses; the Grassy Knoll was still important to the scheme. I now must come to the conclusion that A: it was diversionary. Or B: A shooter misfired or missed. But, I am leaning toward A. Not an actual shooter, but mischief none the less.

Finally, after re-viewing the Z-Film and now knowing from whence the kill shot came; the realization of how CLOSE Jackie came to being hit herself is breathtaking.
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Re: "Back and to the left"
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^ Agreed.
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