Author Topic: Oswald in TSBD Doorway - Dougherty the TSBD Sniper?  (Read 56396 times)


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Re: Oswald in TSBD Doorway - Dougherty the TSBD Sniper?
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A few months further on and there hasn't been a serious response on any forum to Sean Murphy's challenge - namely, if it isn't Oswald, then who is it?

There was a suggestion that the figure at the rear of the doorway might have been Bill Shelley. However, research by Tom Scully has produced a picture that reveals Shelley was the figure in the suit, shirt and tie photographed being led to a police car. Some previously thought that this man may have been a detective.

More recently, close inspection of a photograph of the doorway taken about 12.40 shows a soft drink bottle (very possibly, Dr Pepper) placed on top of the steps. This adds further weight to the case that Oswald was drinking from this bottle at the time of the assassination.

I still have deep suspicions about Jack Dougherty. However, I wonder what the views of this forum are that there may be two other candidates for Marrion Baker's man in the light brown jacket on the 3rd or 4th floor stairway.

Brothers Frankie and Fred Kaiser both worked at the TSBD. According to his testimony, Frankie had an abcessed tooth and was off work on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd. He was the man who discovered Oswald's jacket and clipboard on December 2nd. According to a DPD report dated January 31st 1964, Fred quit his job at the TSBD the day before the assassination. He was the same age as Oswald.