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William Pepper's 1995 book, Orders to Kill, can be read online here:

At the mock trial done for television in the early 90s, Ray was found not guilty by the jury:

Conspiracy 5/11 - Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr. (

Mae Brussell -Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination- (9-1-78) (

A review of Harold Weisberg's Frame-Up by Fred J. Cook, one of the few genuine reporters in the mainstream media:

The Unsolved Riddle of James Earl Ray (1973 Rolling Stone)

1976 Village Voice article on MLK conspiracy:

1976 SAGA magazine about the MLK assassination:

Playboy’s History of American Assassinations – MLK and Malcolm X

Covert Action Bulletin – MLK (1990)

Assassination Information Bureau newsletter (1978) - MLK

Detailed chronology of James Earl Ray 1967-68

I thought this was an interesting comment left by a reader from this last article:

# eduardoben 2013-04-04 17:29
THIS is why Dr. King was assassinated. And why he was being shadowed by US Army intelligence for at least twelve months before his death. It is unlikely that a Poor People's March on Washington would have been a major cause of his death.

I served in an Airborne infantry unit in Vietnam --- the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Because of institutionalized racism within the Army, white boys would more often be assigned to learn helicopter maintenance, radar technology, how to work in tanks, intelligence and administrative skills etc. while black boys were much more likely to be assigned to carry a rifle in an infantry unit.

Consequently the closer you would get to the rifle squads (the grunts on the ground) the higher the percentage of black soldiers. In some infantry units black soldiers comprised 50% or more of the troops.

And that is why Dr. King WAS a threat. If he told black soldiers to put their rifles down and refuse to fight -- which he came close to doing in his Vietnam War speech at the Riverside Church in New York a year to the DAY before he was killed -- the US ground war in Vietnam would have come to a screeching halt.
If Malcolm X -- who King had reconciled with had joined in that call, there would have been no question about the ground war coming to an end. The Army knew that King had the power -- if he chose to use it -- to bring the US ground war to a halt. I believe THAT is why the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

Eduardo Cohen
Title: Orders to Kill, indeed
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I have William F. Pepper, Orders to Kill, as well as Harold Weisberg, Frame-Up, and Mark Lane and Dick Gregory, Code Name Zorro.

The presence of Marrell McCullough in the lot of the Lorraine Motel when the kill shot struck King is a tie-in to the post by Eduardo you find significant.  McCullough the undercover police officer was working for FBI COINTELPRO against the Invaders and probably King, later for the CIA.

Blakey dismissed Ray's accounts of Raoul, as we would expect of the Agency lapdog who replaced Sprague.

Sirhan an obvious product of a model psychosis created by amphetamine or microwaves, the MK ULTRA program of Sidney Gottlieb.

Ray couldn't have fired the shot had he wanted to: the obstructing overgrowth was only removed by Memphis Sanitation the following day.

The presence of Jesse Jackson has always been as important as the actions of Louis Farakan to incite the killing of Malcolm.

The FBI placed a mole in the Nation of Islam in 1951 to undermine Malcolm.  His assassination was after he left a son who would be of great historic significance.

Both King and Malcolm were completely unlike the Farakan-Jackson model, a model which the totalitarians find quite useful.

Nothing so thwarts their machinations as free men with full command of powerful ideas more potent than weapons.

That Pepper now defends Sirhan is good, moving from the sham of April to the sham of June in the year of the LBJ surrender to the Nixon ascension.
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Phil, I agree completely.  Phillip Melanson also wrote an excellent book on the MLK case, though I wish he had talked about the fake police radio broadcast in more detail. 
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Post by: Phil Dragoo on July 26, 2013, 04:04:59 am (

Researcher Philip Melanson has written that Ray used aliases which matched actual people living in Montreal, and began using those aliases before he first arrived there during his pre-assassination travels: "four of the five aliases used by Ray in the nine months preceding the crime were real Canadians who lived in close proximity to each other." These people - Eric S. Galt, Raymond George Sneyd, Paul E. Bridgeman - all lived within a couple of miles of each other in Toronto, and all looked very similar to Ray. Galt and Willard, another Toronto resident whose name Ray used, both had scars on the right side of their faces, as Ray did. Though Ray had used aliases throughout his criminal career, there is no evidence Ray had been to Toronto prior to fleeing there after the King murder, and no explanation for how he came to use these particular names. (

Melanson and Klaber wrote the excellent Shadow Play on the RFK Assassination (