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Conspiracy 10/11 - The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination (

The Second Gun -- Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (

Mae Brussell -Guest Ted Charach, filmaker of "The Second Gun: Who Really Killed RFK?"- (8-4-75) (

Shane O'Sullivan's book WHO KILLED BOBBY?: THE UNSOLVED MURDER OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY can be read online here:

Is Bobby's Killer Still Loose? - William Turner and Jonn Christian (1979)

Playboy’s History of American Assassinations – RFK

RFK campaign ad 1968 (

A not-very-user-friendly page, but if you copy and paste the links, there is some interesting stuff to be found:

Courtesy of the LAPD: all kinds of magic bullets, victims facing against the flow of traffic, absurd trajectories...