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Title: Where Angels Tread Lightly by John M. Newman
Post by: Alan Dale on April 23, 2015, 11:39:14 PM
The Assassination of President Kennedy, Vol 1

Where Angels Tread Lightly by John M. Newman was published today.

It is immediately available here:

Also now available on Amazon:

My interview with Dr. Newman may be heard here:

Title: Re: Where Angels Tread Lightly by John M. Newman
Post by: Alan Dale on April 26, 2015, 09:45:16 PM
My Amazon review of Where Angels Tread Lightly:

"There is no darker story in our recent history than how the American struggle with Fidel Castro became entangled with the assassination of President Kennedy." Dr. John M. Newman

Buried within the records of America’s military and intelligence bureaucracies are the hidden histories of the Cold War. The Assassination of President Kennedy, Vol. 1: Where Angels Tread Lightly brings greater depth and more detail to our understanding of the roots of its subject than anything previously published. It is a story that begins with an examination of the conditions and opposing factions within Cuba which led to Castro's 26 of July movement and the Cuban Revolution. This first book in Dr. Newman's planned multi-volume series on President Kennedy's assassination offers a masterful introduction to the dynamic complexities of Cuban-American relations in the wake of Fidel Castro's emergence and ascendency to power. Understanding how the United States responded to Castro, and learning who were the figures of consequence as officers, assets and operatives within the fabric of America's officially authorized Cuban operations is the necessary context for uncovering a hidden path which ultimately led to the assassination of President Kennedy.

This work reads like a classic film screenplay. The characters are of such color and intrigue as to be compared with those found in the richest and most enthralling Spy Novels. Dr. Newman introduces CIA affiliated individuals and personalities, agents and double-agents who employed multiple identities engaged in multiple -- sometimes overlapping -- operations. We learn of deliberate deceptions perpetrated against both presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy by their intelligence executives. We encounter June Cobb and her extraordinary counterpart, Katherine Taafe, certainly among the most interesting figures ever to cross the historical stage. We find extraordinary details about the Cuban figures who defined the earliest opposition to the Batista regime, the Directorio Revolucianario and its evolution into the DRE with which Lee Harvey Oswald made news on the streets of New Orleans in the summer of 1963, and we explore the pseudonyms, cryptonyms and acronyms relevant to our understanding of the period 1959 - 1963, the most seismically volatile period of the Cold War which will be the primary focus of this work in subsequent volumes. And throughout each chapter we follow the intriguing paths of an infamous cast of players: Allen Dulles, David Phillips, William Harvey, David Morales, E. Howard Hunt, Tony Sforza, Frank Sturgis/Frank Fiorini, Rolando Cubela and many others whose identities and actions will be with us from the earliest days of the Cuban Revolution all the way through November 22, 1963 and beyond.

This is not JFK for Beginners. There will be revelations even for the most experienced JFK assassination researchers; new details which will inform and fascinate all who are interested in history, the Intelligence agencies, their sources and methods. The Assassination of President Kennedy Volume 1, Where Angels Tread Lightly is an exemplary step in a new era of 21st century JFK research. Dr. Newman is a former Army Intelligence officer, an expert in Far Eastern studies, a scholar of Christian Theology and comparative religions, an historian, educator and author whose research has led to revelations about America's hidden histories. Whether 4, 5, 6 or more volumes, he is doing his part to see this through, to expose and explain, and to take us further than we've ever been in a scholarly examination of what really happened to President Kennedy, who was responsible, and how they got away with it.

He deserves our gratitude and support.

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day." Thomas Jefferson

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Title: Re: Where Angels Tread Lightly by John M. Newman
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Where Angels Tread Lightly by John M. Newman has been revised and is again available at Amazon. This updated edition includes typographical corrections and a new ending featuring quotes from a very rare book by David Atlee Phillips, CIA disinformation specialist extraordinaire.

For those who have already purchased Where Angels Tread Lightly please follow this link to visit the AARC website where you will be able to download and print out an important and startling addition to the Afterward which can be folded and slipped into your book.