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Title: JFK Lancer: Conversations, Dr. Josiah Thompson
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Alan Dale speaks with Dr. Josiah Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a distinguished author, investigator and educator. He is a former professor of Philosophy at Yale and Haverford College. In 1966 he was the author of an incisive commentary on the work of Richard H. Popkin's reconstruction of President Kennedy's assassination published in the New York Review of Books. And in 1967, his landmark work, 6 Seconds In Dallas became one of the decade's most balanced and influential examinations of the assassination. He is the author of two books on Kierkegaard, and in 1998 he published a memoir of his experience as a private investigator, Gumshoe: Reflections In A Private Eye. He is the subject of a series of interviews, referred to as Op. Docs conducted by Academy Award winning documentary film maker, Errol Morris, and made available through the New York Times website. His latest, as yet unpublished, book is Last Second In Dallas.

Duration: 01:01:49