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Post by: Alan Dale on July 18, 2013, 06:35:21 PM
I'm very hopeful that some among those of us who reject the mythology imposed by our government's official telling of President Kennedy's assassination will be open to reassessing what we think we know if given reason to do so.

Contemporary forensic sciences have produced revelations in the emerging applications of new methods and new technologies employed in modern crime scene reconstruction and analysis. Until recently I have chosen to keep many of the forensic aspects of the case at arms length. I agree with earlier statements to the effect that when experts disagree, we are disadvantaged in terms of lacking essential training and education to know whom to support. Some of it may ultimately rely upon intuition or instinct.

What I have recently come to consider is my own slow realization that many of the most current advancements in forensic research represent new facts which may seem counter-intuitive to those who have no training in the related fields of newly emerging technologies and disciplines. I see all of the various stages of our 50 year journey from Dallas to the present as necessary steps in the long slow story of our originally blind struggle to move from darkness to light. I bear no resentment nor animosity towards those pioneers who simply did the best they could, based upon what was available at the time, to accurately assess and interpret "their facts." No one can blame the researchers and critics of the past who genuinely sought to understand questions which truly could not, at the time, have been answered.

We're a long way from there now and we are still moving forward. Research developments in the mechanics of head wound ballistics, utilization of unbelievably high-speed photography, radial and concentric fracture sequencing studies of human skulls, symmetrical and asymmetrical beveling in relation to projectile directionality, related subjects of distinguishing back spatter from forward spatter and, perhaps most extraordinary of all, the news that current forensic research indicates the forward movement of President Kennedy's head (at Z-frame 313) followed by violent rearward movement is consistent with a single gunshot to the head from the front. Studies conducted by Karger (2008), Radford (2009), and Coupland (2011) prove initial transfer of energy causes the target to swell or move minutely into the force and against the line of fire.

I once tried, I mean, I really tried to discuss some of this with a particularly stubborn person whose opinions of his own outdated, misinformed opinions rendered his cup to be too full to accommodate any new anything. He had everything he needed and was content to sit back and bask in the secure warmth that his certainty afforded him.

I suspect that Progress is a train that does not wait for everybody, especially old fatheads, to climb on board before moving inexorably from the station.
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Post by: Kelly on July 18, 2013, 07:10:41 PM
Hi Alan. Thanks to you, Karl, and of course Sherry for promoting this. I Guess I held onto the shot from behind the fence on the grassy knoll as long as anyone. I'm seeing more and more positive response from Sherry's research on the internet. Apparently a shot in the right temple would not have been possible from the grassy knoll. SLowly, but surely I have seen Sherry' s work adopted as a more reasonable trajectory. Can anyone show from where on the overpass such a shot would have come from? Is there any research on what went on there? Any witnesses to the goings on there?
Title: Z-225: Anthony DeFiore and the Throat Shot
Post by: Phil Dragoo on July 21, 2013, 04:43:15 AM

You will find the South Knoll source addressed in the large analysis by Anthony DeFiore, which he freely sends to interested researchers who contact him through his blog site: (

I find DeFiore's throat shot at Z-225 to be compatible with Sherry Fiester's head shot at Z-313, both by a sniper with a weapon such as that requested by Rolando Cubela from Des FitzGerald and Nestor Sanchez, a silenced FAL in 7.62x51mm NATO: (
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Post by: Kelly on July 21, 2013, 06:27:45 AM
Hi Phil. Thank you so much for the information and links. I will check into those right away.
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Post by: Mitch C. on August 08, 2013, 11:23:43 AM
I just read one of many positive reviews of Sherry's work. It had a great line "As a devoted Grassy knoller, I may have to hold on to the belief that someone there was shooting, but missed!"

Like Kelly, I too have always considered it very likely that the kill shot was from the knoll...but if following the evidence means letting go of old cherished beliefs, I am ready to do so.
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Post by: Cutty on August 08, 2013, 12:25:41 PM
The image below defines the possible trajectory for the one and only head shot. Remember that the position of the limo being perpendicular to Zapruder would place a shot from the north knoll to the side and not a frontal one. I still believe there was something going on behind the infamous fence. A missed shot? A diversionary piece of fireworks? Whatever it was, today I believe modern science has eliminated that location for the fatal head shot.

( (
Title: Echoes of the head shot
Post by: Phil Dragoo on October 01, 2013, 06:41:28 AM
Karl, you must surely be very right in seeing the Grassy Knoll activity as diversion

We have Bowers who saw three cars in a closed lot, one of which stopped near the Elm service spur, saw the activity by the fence

Ed Hoffman saw activity there

The smell of gunpowder was noted by Kenny O'Donnell, Dave Powers, and Senator Yarborough there

Gordon Arnold thought shots came from there (as did others)

We may presume the Walkie Talkie Man and the Umbrella Man synchronized volleys of teams in various locations

In Tosh Plumlee's 1981 photo (annotated) to Bud Fensterwald we see a South Knoll shot diametric to a Depository shot

If John Armstrong is right that Lee Oswald was doubled from 1952, and if John Newman (and Lisa Pease and others) are right that Angleton's manipulation of files was ongoing in framing the patsy, then the shooting diagram would not have been left to chance

On the contrary: the president could not leave the Plaza alive

Therefore the the crossfire for maximum confusion with a wall of lead straight ahead

The limousine was driving into the the field of fire

One to the throat at Z-225; one to the right temple at Z-313

A magic marker to the back of the head at Z-317 and elsewhere, forged autopsy photo using a pre-mortem back of head shot to blend

(for Mantik says that area is "flat" when viewed stereo mode at the Archives)

Always plausible denial with this team of facilitators and mechanics; a suppressed kill shot hiding behind 360-degree smoke and echo

And, Alan, it is a breakthrough in the fiftieth year which does what Dorothy Kilgallen died trying to do: bust the case wide open

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Post by: Cutty on October 01, 2013, 12:10:15 PM
Thank you, Phil. We are so fortunate to have you here!

Here is a quote by echelon from another thread here: "Perhaps if someybody could prove to the public's general satisfaction that just one small but important piece of the official story is false, this might initiate a shift in the tectonic plates which would eventually lead to more politicians and/or media figures speaking out against the whole crumbling facade."

I've been trying to shout it from the rooftops but seem to be wasting my effort on those who just won't take the time to read Sherry's book and become enlightened to the fact that more than one very important piece of the official story HAS been proved false. Believe me, I've been waiting for many decades for some kind of physical proof of conspiracy and have essentially used the same exact words as echelon. Phil, I know you remember how optimistic we were when I worked here in the studio on trying to correlate gunshot audio with Z film frames.

Be assured that all the window dressing in "Enemy Of The Truth" aside, back spatter evidence, alone, not only proves one and only one headshot from the south knoll area but also that there were "at least" 2 shooters because Connally was hit from the rear, thus, we have a conspiracy. There are actually a couple of other corroborating facters that have been discovered throughout the three decades of lab trials since the discovery of back spatter. If echelon is sincere, it would behoove him to embrace the FACT that this is what lends legitimacy to any researcher's effort to unearth a "whodunnit." Do you really think the whereabouts of Oswald at the time of the shooting is as important as it used to seem to be? Well, I believe it would still be good to verify for other reasons but isn't it obvious that the profound revelation in "Enemy Of The Truth" causes one to view many other aspects of the case from a new perspective? Doesn't it render discussions on some subjects moot?

Yellowbirch1 has long speculated that the throat shot came from the South Knoll area. In analyzing the trajectory we now realize that after the hairpin turn from Houston to Elm the limo is already facing that area almost head on already and continues to be positioned in that configuration as it makes its way to the point of the headshot. One significant point here is the down grade from the turn to the point of headshot. Although I'm not sure that a sniper would purposely take a shot through the windshield, it is certainly a fact that a sniper up on the South Knoll would not be elevated above the limo as much at the turn as he/she would be down at the position of the headshot where the trajectory easily makes it over the windshield. Fortunately, we have Z frames 312 - 313 as scientific proof of the origin of the headshot and that is corroborated by other evidence including some from the autopsy that we were lucky to discover hadn't been obfuscated, presumably due to lack of knowledge in the forensics of the time. Unfortunately, as Sherry has confirmed, we have no supporting physical proof of the throat wound's origin so we have to rely on puzzle pieces to speculate on.

I can't help being redundant in quoting Mitch C. as his enlightenment has produced the best comment I've heard yet regarding "Enemy Of The Truth"

"Facts Are Stubborn Things"     ;)
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Post by: Kelly on October 01, 2013, 06:34:02 PM
Thanks Phil and Karl. I am a great fan of Sherry`s work. She has hit the nail on the head in my opinion. Enemy of the Truth explains it all. What I was wanting to know was how to head reacted to the shot. Sherry spent a lot of time with me trying to explain it all and I`m not an easy person to understand such complicated information. Please get her book and give it a chance!
Title: Routes converge
Post by: Phil Dragoo on October 01, 2013, 07:08:03 PM
Karl, my poli sci department head would cite his mentor's constant admonition to, "look at a map"--

--and so we might all for a moment follow the car, wondering how it "popped into Zapruder" already 'round the bend

Some might wish for one hard fact to prove the point, when, as you indicate, we have a plethora

Your visual-acoustic correlation is the type of context, connection, logical procession which it has been the goal of the cabal to disrupt and destroy


as the limousine reaches Zapruder's location on the pilaster the limousine is aimed at the terminus of the South balustrade

Descending in the scope, the rifleman has taken the shot through the windshield to the throat

and will now take the shot over the windshield to the presented right temple, the coup de grace

The occipitoparietal avulsive wound seen by eighty-one (81) per Robert Groden's count

is obscured in Zapruder with Mantik's perceived jet-black quadrilateral with razor-sharp edges

In some versions of Z-317 it just looks like a Sharpie scribble ( is the contact information for Anthony DeFiore

I find him to support Doug Weldon's work, positing a throat shot at Z-225, which complements Sherry's analysis using forensic protocol to

establish a temple shot at Z-313

So many fell into assuming a rear head shot to account for ITEK's two-inch forward movement of the head; she says it's kinetic transfer

Douglass' Unspeakable is a consummate synopsis of the evil, following the enormously effective JFK by Stone (JFK Act as CIA getting blowback)

The efforts are being redoubled to flood the market with inflated-reviewed lone-nut screeds and again to pooh-pooh the truth-seekers

The admonition of Sibel Edmonds to eschew the partisan in favor of deeper investigation into the dark truth is very helpful

The so-called Left offers the likes of Noam Chomsky and Rachel Maddow who push the lone-nut, "a-Communist-burned-the-Reichstag" propaganda

Those speaking truth are committing a revolutionary act in these times of universal deceit: witness Breitbart, Manning, Snowden, Hastings--

There are no sanctuaries, but then, anesthesia of obedience is boring

In DeFiore, consider the placement of a concrete pad with two large steel electrical cabinets

and the growth of a large tree in a position where one might get a clear view of the oncoming traffic

His photo of a fresh asphalt rectangle in a location where a South grate balancing the North might have been (and has been denied)

How easily the Beltway Snipers eluded detection and capture using a vehicle as a hide

Kennedy was very inconvenient--the war and so much more continued smoothly without him, the demonized victim of a lone nut

At some point we will need to face the truth of 9/11; Kevin Ryan presents the players as Tony Szamboti does the engineering--

With Barry Ernest, we see Lee Oswald was not on the stairs

In Evica, Jesus, and Armstrong we see the patsy never owned the terrible weapon

We already have the truth, know the truth--it isn't a theory

Conspiracy?  From the founding of the Federal Reserve to the collapse of the towers, the grand cabal of Winston Churchill's phrase is continuous

Let's continue in this productive pursuit of justice based on knowledge

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Post by: TLR on October 01, 2013, 08:50:51 PM
A view from the Triple Underpass near the South Knoll. I don't think it would have been necessary (or wise) to shoot through the windshield.

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Post by: Cutty on October 05, 2013, 02:06:18 PM
Thanks Phil and Karl. I am a great fan of Sherry`s work. She has hit the nail on the head in my opinion. Enemy of the Truth explains it all. What I was wanting to know was how the head reacted to the shot. Sherry spent a lot of time with me trying to explain it all and I`m not an easy person to understand such complicated information. Please get her book and give it a chance!

Kelly, instead of addressing this here I am in the process of getting a thread together that will hopefully bring folks to a clearer understanding of the ballistics and resulting physical movements. Sherry has always said that I've got it right when I run these issues by her so I'll give it my best shot, :P complete with video. Back in a few hours ................